Theatre Ratings 2017

After the half-way mark, so a quick round up of my theatre going this year. Choice to favour small, local companies and avoid the big players after some horrors last year is paying off- lots of entertainment and cheaper on the pocket. Trips to the TKTS booth in Leicester Square have also been fruitful.

Ruthlessly leaving at the interval when I don’t like it, or earlier if I can do so without disturbing anyone else, is also a winner.


The Almeida Hamlet is absolutely unforgettable and there have been lots of other highs



My hope for a revival of Lettice and Lovage materialised but I managed to miss it – too much work. I have also failed to book tickets for King Lear with Ian Mckellen and it’s sold out. Bother! Otherwise Obsession at the Barbican-abysmal.

Up Next

Looking forward to Imperium, Twelfth Night and Christmas Carol at the RSC and cautiously optimistic about Coriolanus. Excited re Robert Lindsay in Prism at Hampstead theatre.  Can’t wait to see what Hytner does new theatre The Bridge – Young Marx with Rory Kinnear is up first.  Hamilton early January!


I am still waiting to hear who will revive the Globe – Christopher Luscombe, please! I am hoping for changes at the top at both the RSC & National.

And finally, can someone please cast Peter Capaldi as Lear with Clara (I can’t remember her name!) as Cordelia?


(*Full reviews on my blog)                        11/10

Hamlet *                               Almeida & West End                   Andrew Scott              Icke


Richard III*                              Arcola                                            Greg Hicks                 Ergen

Mary Stuart *                           Almeida (x2)                                                                     Icke

Much Ado About Nothing*  RSC, Haymarket                                                          Luscombe

Love’s Labour’s Lost*              RSC, Haymarket                                                          Luscombe

All the Angels*                         Wanamaker (Globe)                                                  Munby

The Ferryman                         West End transfer                                                      Mendes


Persuasion                              Royal Exchange, Manchester                                     James

(Deductions for physically pushing unwanted speakers off stage too many times and changing Fanny’s name to Felicity)

Don Juan in Soho*                 Wyndhams (x2)                            David Tennant      Marber

(Deduction for lame choreography)


Ink                                       Almeida                                                                                Goold

(Deduction for more than anyone needs to know about physical printing process)

Limehouse                           Donmar                                                                              Findlay

My Brilliant Friend               Rose, Kingston                            Niamh Cusack        Melly Still

(Not keen on bearded toddler or doll puppetry. Thoroughly entertaining otherwise and very clever)


Dessert                                 Southwark                                                                   Trevor Nunn

Entertaining and good value for money at £20, if a daft play. Fabulous central performance by Stephen Hagan. Chopping off the very daft last 15 minutes would have improved the rating.

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf   Pinter                                      Imelda Staunton

(Who’d stay married to Dolores Umbridge?)

Rosencrantz & Guildernstern   Old Vic                                          Harry Potter

(Great performances; ever clever/dull play)

The Tempest                        RSC Barbican            Simon Russell-Beale   Gregory Doran

(Incongruous marriage of dated direction & hi-tech special effects. Left early.)

Gloria                                   Hampstead                                   Colin Morgan

(Odd- could work with a re-write. Morgan was brilliant.  Note to director -putting mics on actors, who then screech, is hard on the ears.)


Salome                                National

(Marks for the jaw-droppingly beautiful opening scene- best thing I have ever seen. Terrible play though and very hard on the ears. Escaped before interval.)

The Treatment                          Almeida                                                                           Turner

(A terrible waste of some very good actors. A play about the Sexploitation by the film industry of a real life story, is not best served by a silly, Sexploitative play. Escaped at the interval.)


Obsession                             Barbican               Jude Law

(Another high sex, high shock waste of audience’s time and money.  Comically bad except for Jude Law. If only there had been an interval, I would have run away)



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