No more cakes and ale?

I have had enough of theatre directors who want to hit me over the head with a sledgehammer with their political agendas or their desire to update Shakespeare.

I am looking for theatre that entertains, moves and provokes thought and I shall cut out early if something isn’t delivering; having wasted my money, I’ll try to save some of my time.

Usually I have a draw full of tickets up to 14 months ahead whereas this year the half-price booth, The Almeida, Hampstead and the Rose will be my friends. I’ll splurge on Hamilton though. I’m looking forward to  Andrew Scott’s Hamlet at the Almeida and Daniel Radcliffe in Rosencratz and Guildernstern — hope they deliver!

45 theatre/ballet trips in 2016 some of which were fabulous — Wanamaker ‘s Cymbeline/Pericles; Art at The Old Vic;  Hampstead’s Mr Foote; Almeida’s Mary Stuart.

Others made me wonder if I simply didn’t like going to the theatre any more: take a bow  Phaedras, The Red Barn, Shrew and (shoot me now) Matchgirl at the Wanamaker.

2017 is off to a cracking start with Mary Stuart (second time round), Love’s Labour’s Lost and All the Angels. Here’s hoping the quality stays sky high!

Please share your thoughts when you can! Happy New Year!!!


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